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Trafficking is for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, sexual exploitation.This is considered a crime against humanity and effects thousands of men, women, and children in every country around the world.Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery which uses force, fraud and coercion for the purpose of commercial sex and forced labor.

Human trafficking is the act of transporting, enlisting, or harboring an individual by use of force or intimidation for the sole purpose of exploitation.Take action to help end human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in your lifetime.

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It is not only adults who are affected by this growing issue.Human trafficking is an umbrella term used to describe all forms of modern-day slavery.

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Louise Shelley - Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective. E. Benjamin Skinner.Sex trafficking is usually promoted by high demand for sex, particular from young children.Human Trafficking Thematic Research Series. This paper discusses research on human traffickers (i.e. perpetrators of the crime of human trafficking).

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Women, Health and Development Program Pan-American Health Organization Trafficking of Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in the Americas.HUMAN TRAFFICKING, MODERN DAY SLAVERY, AND ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION A Discussion on Definitions, Prevalence, Relevance for Development, and Roles for the World Bank in.Through education, government intervention, and awareness, human trafficking in the United States can be dramatically reduced to help end this illegal form of modern day slavery.

Prostitution is Incompatible with Equality Between Men and Women (English Translation).

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Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center.Sexual trafficking affects an outrageous number of people around the world.Sexual trafficking is one of the most common forms of the trafficking epidemic.

This paper will review these findings and the subsequent research-based recommendations.Sex trafficking and slavery are hidden crimes, and knowledge about the subject is very piecemeal. (Bales 44).

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