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In California, a monkey bred at the University of California, Riverside, had the lids of his eyes sewn shut and a heavy device was lodged onto his head.The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to Pharmaceutical products has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years.Cons:-Animals may not allows be able to be seen from look-out.

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I read the Argument on the pros and cons of animal testing to advance medical research with.This is, however, not always the case, and a certain number of these experiments are about trivial concerns, such as cosmetics tests.

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Animal experiments are part of medical history, but history is where they belong.

The supporters of animal rights are pressurizing government agencies to inflict severe regulations on animal research.Animal Testing Cons:. the staunchest proponents have to acknowledge that there are cons to animal. which likely cost thousands of dollars in scientific research.

The UK Government released the Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals Great Britain 2015 in July 2016, which.

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The suffering of animals used in medical research is not contested,.Lots of people have an interest in open debates and discussions on animal testing.Surgery techniques, like those to mend and eliminate bone diseases were devised out of experimentation on the animals.Each year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases statistics on the number of animals used for research, testing, teaching, and experimentation under USDA licenses.List of Cons of Animal Rights. 1. Aids in Research Testing products on animals might end up being harmful for the animals themselves, but people who believe that the.Conditions in animal research centres are usually very bad but in some.

Improvements in our understanding of disease and new treatment options are often rooted in findings from research conducted on animals.One argument that is considered seriously is that animals cannot provide consent to the testing to which they are being subjected.Animal experimentation up 73 percent,. and William Reppy of Duke University said the study illustrated the need to reform policies related to animal research.

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Preliminary animal testing is said to be necessary because there is no experimental medicines allowed on sick people.In order to do so, they have publicized a number of animal tests that were urgently distasteful to the public, even if they were not examples of the norm in research.Animal Research in Psychology More Than Meets the Eye of the General Psychology Student Michael Domjan Jesse E.Using Animals in Research: Pros and Cons by Using Animals in Research: A Review of Necessity Over the last century, little has changed in.If a cure for a condition is discovered, the animal reaps the benefits of the cure as well.In 1966, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) passed to protect certain animals from cruelty.All of the accused and recorded staff involved were fired and prosecuted.

The animal tests serve as a precursor to the commencing trial tests done on humans.As a result several regulations have been put in place to evaluate and control the animals being used for testing purposes.

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The motion was This House Would ban all forms of animal research.References. Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing.

Often it is not even possible without the companies or organizations asking for outside funding from third parties.Banning or restraining the experimentation on animals would not allow society to achieve such results.Perhaps you need a good debate resenting the main arguments on both sides to cement your views.Debates have roared in the medical fraternity related to animal research since ages.Surgery on animals has assisted in developing organ transplant and open-heart surgery techniques.In addition, animals have similar enough bodily constitutions to make the comparisons relevant and effective.Pro-Test, set up in 2006, was a grass-roots movement that supported animal research, specifically a new Oxford animal laboratory that was the focus of many animal rights groups.

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Supporters for animal testing argue that research is justified because it assists in discovering ways to help people and other animals for the future.We need to find other testing techniques that are advanced in order to eliminate this harmful process, till then all we can do is continue with our research.The substance being tested may well prove to be lethal for the animals, or the conditions during their captivity may lead to their deaths.Whether you are interested in science and the research that goes into.They argue that humans have been assisted from the healthcare developments that have been based on the benefits of animal research and testing for many years now.Research now shows that smoking speeds progression from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis to.

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European Commission rejects petition calling to ban animal testing.