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Rebel. According to Merton, a person who not only disagrees with.Group that is part of the dominant culture but differs from it in some important respects.According to Sapir and Whorf, language is our guide to reality.The use of previously collected information is a well-respected method of obtaining data.

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Introduced theory of SOCIAL DARWINISM believing social change would happen naturally and did not need to have people get involved.This lesson covers a basic definition of the field, identifies major themes or questions studied by sociologists, and identifies possible careers.Focuses on groups without regard to the interaction of the people involved.


Two variables must be correlated. 2. All possible contaminating factors must be taken into account.This A to Z glossary includes dozens of psychology definitions with easy-to-understand explanations and examples.Second assumption of functionalist- that societies tend to return to a state of stability after an upheaval.ACTUAL behavior patterns that are found in cultures, not just what they say they are.Sociology is an academic and applied discipline that studies society and human social interaction.

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Title: The Basic Concepts of Sociology Created Date: 20160801205428Z.

For Print Version Glossary of the Social Sciences. by Frank W.Takes place in a LABoratory in an attempt to eliminate all possible contaminating influences in order to determine EFFECTS of independent variable on dependent variable.

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The concept of culture is among the most widely used notions in sociology. Sociological concepts of culture and identity. we usually understand that term.Theory. A systematic explanation for observations that relate.Sociology Dictionary - Free Dictionary Lookup in over 77 languages and 1,700 dictionaries.

For this reason, all societies have economies, families, governments, and religions.Specific institutions expressly designed to teach individuals.Social unity that comes from a consensus of values and beliefs, strong social pressures for conformity, and dependence on tradition and family.

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Set of mind that enables individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society.

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Concerned concerned with the study of people as they INTERACT in daily life.

Norms. The rules of society that prescribe how its members are.

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Sanctions that may be given only by officially designated person, such as judges and college professors.Ex: Book, Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin who dyed his skin to study African Americans in the South.Study of the organization, administration, history, and theory of government.

Our view of the world depends on the particular language we have learned.

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Would most likely choose use of SURVEYs as a research method.Sociologists study people as they form groups and interact with one another.