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A professional career counselor or coach can help you expedite your job search and focus on the best resources to help you get hired fast.You have progressed up a clearly defined career ladder and are looking for career advancement.

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In a sense, you are selling yourself and the resume is your advertisement.We have free services, resources, and tools to help you with the entire job search. regional labor market for information. U.S. Department of Labor,.This Web online application for job seekers, employment professionals, and others interested in exploring occupations is located at.Job Preparation. Coaching. Get help building your resume, networking, interviewing,.For more in-depth information on this idea, refer to the previously published article, Departments of Labor: Job Referrals, Training and Other Employment Services.Crisis Resources Job Search Assistance State Veterans Benefits Other Veteran Resources Priority of Service.Many institutions, like mine, offer lifetime career development services for alumni.

Tap resources and services available through your state Department of Labor.Employment Services of South Africa. Currently organisation registration service is available to organisations.Some are specific to particular industries or to specific groups of job seekers.They are familiar with what hiring managers, and the software they use, are looking for when they scan a resume.

How to Find Free or Low-Cost Job Search Help. for services such as resume reviews.When you compose your resume, keep in mind that it gives you the chance to choose those topics you wish to discuss during the interview.The current practice by corporate personnel is to give each resume a quick glance (10-20 seconds), discard those that appear disorganized or too wordy and file the rest.Locate a Career Counselor Finally, if you want actual career counseling (rather than just job search advice and resources) and live at too great a distance to make the often-mandatory in-person sessions with career counselors from your alma mater(s) feasible, you may want to engage the services of a private career counselor in your local area.

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Where to Find Resume Writing Help There are a number of options available for getting help with your resume, to ensure the final draft is going to get a second look by employers.

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You will find both online resources as well as in-person options.You may be able to request telephone appointments with the career development professionals at your alma mater(s) for services such as resume reviews and advising sessions on job search strategies or interviewing techniques.

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You are reentering the job market after several years of freelancing, consulting, homemaking or unemployment.

Address the letter to the person you want to contact, preferably the one doing the hiring.

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Job Seeker Services. can help cover the cost of degree,. or at the Department of Labor where an Employment Service Specialist is ready to assist you.On the average, only one or two out of 100 resumes mailed will result in an interview.Private, fee-charging firms will also help you write a resume.

Licenses, Certifications, Publications: Include only those that are career-related, without elaboration.Like other resume formats you should include all transferable skills.

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Screen Reader Theme. NEworks. Sign In. NEworks - Complete set of.It may not seem worth it to spend money on a resume service, especially if you are unemployed and watching every dollar.Type or word-process your resume or have it professionally printed.