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Primarily there are four types of research design: casual, descriptive, explanatory and exploratory ( Research Methodology: An Introduction, n.d). Descriptive research design has been applied in the present study as the researcher tries to find out the characteristics of the HR policies that lead to employee motivation.These objectives must be very clear and should be able to decide the difficulty level of achieving them.While on other hand, quantitative research focuses more on mathematical and statistical concepts and tools with a view to carry out study and derive accurate findings.Under this stage, information accumulated from both primary and secondary sources are examined and analyzed with a view to derive accurate and valid inferences.

After discussing different motivational theories it can be said that before applying any of the theory into practice, managers must first give attention towards their employees.The term motivation holds lot of significance not only for the employees working in different organizations, but also for the scholars pursing their career in human resource management.Flynn, M. S. 2010. Linking Human Resource Strategy and Operations: An Integrated Framework.The opportunities of growth and development also come to a stop.The study recommends then a mixture of both strategies.Human Resource Management and Motivation: A Case on GSV Group.In present work, a sample of 100 employees of the company was selected on the basis of simple random probability sampling technique.Thus, the main purpose of the work is to evaluate whether HR practices followed by the companies do have their impact on the employee motivation or not and whether or not GVS is practicing correct HR policies to keep its employees motivated.

This raised a question that how a firm can link performance with reward without disclosing required information.It will help them in keeping the workforce motivated all the time as their is fair system in the company.

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Communicate regularly with the workers regarding their progress and direction.This is what GVS wants to avoid absolutely, every single person should be able to monitor their progress in bonuses during the year and the company provides all the necessary tools to do it.

Osterman, P. (2000). Work reorganization in an era of restructuring: trends in diffusion and effects on employee welfare.The assessment is a quarterly payment of the premium is annual.Thesis writing in Human Resource Management. Provide you copies of all the resources used in your thesis.The key challenge in carrying out research study is collecting valid and unbiased data from primary sources.

Sampling: A sample of 100 employees of the company was selected on the basis of simple random probability sampling technique.Research paper for human resource management lesson plans by.Management term paper submitted by a student during the middle. or human resource management. Term Paper Term Paper Conclusion Graduate Thesis High.

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Frederick Herzberg believes that if a manager wants to motivate his team, he must focus more on motivator factors.

Human Resources management is defined as the process of managing.To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below.Different scholars have discovered different motivating factors which keeps the employees motivated to work better and to achieve heights.At this point the monthly level becomes the best from the point of view of the return.But invention of machines resulted in significant change in the lives of workers.Till date none of the work has been able to draw strict link between motivation and HR policies of a company.You are only allowed to use the essays published on these platforms for research purpose, and you should not reproduce the work.Politics, Economy, Social, Technology and Internationalisation) environment in determining corporate survival.If an individual is motivated towards performing certain activity, it means his or her inner power is driving the individual to perform the task.

The big difference in the opinion of the participants is the time horizon on which the company assesses people and pay bonus.Newman, I. and Benz, C. R. (1998). Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methodology: Exploring the Interactive Continuum. SIU Press.

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This is one of the most important tasks for the company as the organization can attain success and sustainability only through proper staffing of employees (Wall and Wood, 2005).Among all the sources, needs are the main motivating source for an individual (Ichniowski, Shaw and Prennushi, 1997).Writing your research proposal for PhD in human resource management is a vital part of your.Theme 6: Consistent incentive system is practiced by the company across the globe.Robert Owne raised his voice for child labor law, regulated working hours and public education.

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