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If made by different manufacturers, they probably contain different waxes, different wicks, different dyes, different fragrances, etc.So really there was not one problem in my experiment of with collecting my data.If your teacher is asking about this, then I think the point is that you need enough data points to show a statistically significant difference between the rates that white and colored candles burn.Use a homemade electronic tester to find out if electricity can flow between two objects.Additives such as hardeners for the wax influence the burn time of a candle.Wax is a block of chemical compounds mixed together to make the wax.

This experiment is always presented with the theory that a white candle will burn the fastest, but the end result will prove otherwise.

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And does the pigment in the candle or the distribution of the pigment affect how fast the candle burns.Id also use the other color of candles to make my experiment a little more diverse.You can use either the mark-to-mark or before-and-after weight method to measure the burn rate discussed in the first entry-level project idea.

It may not be possible to determine exactly what type of wax is used in a particular candle.For my experiment I took two colors of candles white and red, then burned them until there was no wax left.

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Burn Varied Color Candles to Test How Color Affects the Burn-rate.

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Does white candles burn faster than color candles. first Does white candles burn faster than color. that the white candle burns faster than the color one.Use the before-and-after weight method to determine the burn rate, and the metal ruler-clamp stand method for determining flame height.You should be able to purchase pure paraffin, beeswax or soy wax from most candle supply stores.Handling candles this cold may cause them to crack and lose their integrity, making them unsafe to burn.

Also while I was watching each trial of the candles burning I noticed something in every white and red candle.These experiments are best done by ordering candles from a supply house, making sure they are the same size and shape, differing only by wax type.Also I did the experiment three times or three trials and every one that I did was that the white candle that burned faster.

Thick candles with thin wicks will cause the flame to get extinguished by the gathering melted wax.

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Does a white candle burn faster than a colored candle?

If you are testing the effect of different waxes, make sure you know exactly what type of wax the candle is made from.

Do white candles burn at a different rate than colored candles.

Do white candles burn at a different rate than colored

If possible, test three samples of each candle type, or run your experiment three times.

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Also, the material of the wick, whether it is paper, hemp, or cotton, will affect the burn rate by a significant amount of time.Your hypothesis should be an educated guess about what you think will happen.The colored candles could have burned faster then the white it also could have still burnt faster you never know what could have happened if I did the project differently.This new white color button will color your candle white when used with 10-15 pounds of wax. Like any.Also, excess amounts of added scents tend to make the candles burn faster.Your hypothesis is good if you will be measuring flame temperature.