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I only seek to have my money reimbursed to me for the cost of the towing and perhaps to have the cost of my meal refunded.The researcher has obtained primary research findings through collecting primary data by conducting interviews and surveys.On the other hand, the interviews results of Burger King show that the business has been introducing customer satisfaction survey to identify factors that affect customer satisfaction.One the key competitive edge of the company is brand name and brand image.Customer satisfaction is becoming one the key issue in recent competitive business environment because of much awareness and consciousness of customers throughout the local and international business markets.Printable coupons can turn into virtual pounds and pence when traded for information.

Customer satisfaction has been considered as one of the most important index for the measuring of organizational performance of a business.Defining customer satisfaction at fast-food industry: The definition of customer satisfaction is very subjective and varies person to person.We parked in the Go-Kart parking lot just across the street and headed inside for a full day of looking at cars, watching bicycle demonstrations, as well as plenty of head to head racing in all sorts of different motorsport events.

To develop two-way communication system, i.e. between the interviewer and the interviewee in relation to create flexibility in data collection.My Burger King Experience Survey. If you want to give your feedback fill out the customer experience survey.I would like to speak to a corporate manager for this location. thankyou.This employee refused to accept a coupon that the company is offering.In the present situation, the business is operating 7,800 restaurants and contributed 21.9% of fast-food market share (Burger King, 2012).So, there may have some lacking in data collection and thus preparation of standard research report.The success of a business depends on the level of satisfaction by its customers.

Enter your state name and your date of visit, followed by the time you visited.The researcher has maintained of all these aspects in relation to ensure reliability of data and in fact, research report itself.He, however, would not call and admit the mistake to the towing company.All of these issues were very helpful to improve both academic and organizational perspectives.

On the other hand, in case of majority, such as 70% of the respondents were male and rest, such as 30% of the respondents were female.Some of them will provide several answers for you to select from.Then mention the type of your order i.e. whether it was a dine-in or take-out order.I will talk to my friends and relatives this ugly experience that I had there.I have been there before with the same manager and have had similar problems with my order.

So, it can be noted that this report will be able to improve knowledge and understanding of different tools and techniques to understand the business environment.Univariate analysis depicts single-variable distributions and their analysis, while bivariate analysis depicts two-variable distributions and their analysis.Zeithaml (1985) has noted that many researchers often use service quality to determine and measure customer satisfaction.SERVQUAL model: Service quality model, known as SERVQUAL model is widely used tool to measure customer satisfaction.The company has been carrying out customer satisfaction survey for the purpose of hearing from customer because customer satisfaction is important to the business.

The review of literature shows that customer satisfaction is becoming key concern for a business, particularly for fast-food business.You may submit up to 5 entries per days to increase your odds.Burger King BK customer service phone number for support and help.

On the walk to the towing company I tried to move as fast as I could to keep warm.I would like to emphasize that their are lots of people out there looking for w0rk, and I mean any kind of job to serve meals on their family tables and these are people like myself and other decent citizens.The food is always fresh, hot and served with the best customer service.

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Research philosophy depicts the development and nature of knowledge involved in research project.For example, Hill et al. (2007) have mentioned that customer satisfaction is regarding one of the most important aspects within a business to focus profits of the business through customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction by virtue of customer satisfaction, returns to shareholder by customer satisfaction, impacts of customer satisfaction on macro-environment and so on.Burger King Corporation is a fast food restaurant chain which opened its doors in 1954, specialising in flame broiled hamburger sandwiches known as Whoppers.

Burger king is an American-based, chain of fast-food restaurants serving hamburgers.I went to walk out with the hamburger because he wanted to argue with me about it. as I walk away it fell out of my hand and all the workers, including the manager at the time started to laugh.

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For example, Ray Kroc had brought the business outside of California and Arizona and more than 100 restaurants were in operation by 1959 (Hassan, 2010).

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The primary research findings depicts that majority, (e.g. more than 80% of the respondents) of the customers are satisfied and highly satisfied with the current business practices and policies in terms of customer service compare to other competitors in the fast-food industry.The model is based on some specific items, such as tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy etc. against which the level of satisfaction of a customer is measured and assesses for a particular business.