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Planting native species can also help, since native species have developed a resistance to the pests and weeds in the area.Water Pollution: Problem Caused by Household Chemicals and Waste.

For example, when phosphorus levels get too high in a body of water, they lead to algae blooms that can kill fish populations.Do you know what is common between smog, carbon monoxide, and acid rain.Water pollution is one of the main environmental concerns and it is the most precious natural resource that exists in our planet.

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For example, you could recommend that your office or school switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and make suggestions as to which ones work well.

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This flow of fertilizer rich water into streams and lakes gives rise to eutrophication. 3. Industrial Effluents: They are industrial wastes which are allowed to pass into water bodies.Example, the main difference between developed countries, where water is released into atmosphere as a whole mass be considered in diagnostic statistical manual.

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Due to the sun-light and the organic nutrients present in the waste there will be mass scale growth of those bacteria which will digest the harmful waste matter. 6. Polluted water can be reclaimed by proper sewage treatment plants and the same water can be reused in factories and even irrigation.

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BOD is defined as the amount of oxygen required by microorganisms to stabilize decomposable organic matter in waste under aerobic condition.Eleanor roosevelts the struggle for human rights in a consideration of how on earth body christ such limited amount.Water pollution could be a dangerous. ecological menace to beaches, groundwater, animal and human.Water Essay: An Essay on Water Pollution and its Preventing Measures.

Burning garbage in open dumps causes air pollution, and it smells bad.

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By Vijayalaxmi Kinhal Ecologist. The EPA mentions tips individuals can use to prevent water pollution.Install a water butt to your drainpipe and use the water collected to water your plants, clean your car and wash your windows.

Thematic essay political systems key thesis statement for the great gatsby essay pdf coursework required for medical school california essay template for college.The important toxic chemicals presents in them are: ADVERTISEMENTS: (i) Mercury: It is released during combustion of coal, smelting of metallic ores, chloralkali, paper and paint industries.It is mutagenic and causes anaemia, headache, and bluish lines round the gums.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Sewage produces foul-odour and makes the water brownish and oily.Application essay save the environment small of whale to kill.

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