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But as Jane matures and becomes an adult, her faith solidifies and she comes to have a clear belief in God.Rochester is unable to love what he sees as an object, a possession.

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Jane is invested with much more power and control than Antoinette.You must reference credible scholarship in your work in order to.She is ignored by almost all but Josephine and has little interaction with others, which arrests the development of her sense of identity.

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Feminist readings of Wide Sargasso Sea typically see the work as an indictment of Victorian patriarchy, insisting that Rhys portrayed Rochester as a cruel and exploitative tyrant.Both novels are feminist works, though each approaches feminist issues quite differently.This exploration takes the form of a three part narrative, the middle part being in the first person voice of Rochester (although he is never named), the other two being the voice of Antoinette (who will later become the madwoman Bertha of Jane Eyre ).Daniel Cosway insists, for example, that madness runs in the family, and Annette certainly proves to be psychologically unstable, so it is hardly a surprise when we see Antoinette begin to lose her grasp on sanity.In Wide Sargasso Sea, author Jean Rhys uses intertextuality to tell the story of Antoinette Mason.Perhaps the differences are so great, or more importantly, so established and internalized that Antoinette cannot ever have the sense of security, happiness, and pride that Jane finds by the end of Jane Eyre.

Jane gets what she wants: she marries Rochester, she finds (as well as creates) a family, she becomes socially respectable and even gains financial independence.

View Wide Sargasso Sea Research Papers on Academia.edu for free.He put me off his knee, rose, and reverently lifting his hat from his brow, and bending his sightless eyes to the earth, he stood in mute devotion.

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The narrative structure of Wide Sargasso Sea is much more complicated than that of, say, Jane Eyre, in which a single narrator recalls events of the past in a linear and chronological fashion.Whereas Jane has developed many resources and defenses she can rely on to get her through her tribulations, Antoinette is virtually defenseless.Your answer should involve close-reading of both scenic and psychic detail.

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Sadly, Antoinette hopes their desire for each other, which is so powerful, will develop over time into love.Religion, like love, is unfamiliar and beyond her comprehension.

She is headstrong and stubborn, refusing to be mistreated, whether it be by Aunt Reed, Brocklehurst, or Rochester.You may want to look at this scene even if you decide to write about another moment of altered consciousness in the text.).

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Later, Antoinette corrects Rochesters thoughts about Dominica and God.

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Both women are cared for as children by inattentive and dysfunctional relatives, both lose their first friend, and both have a profoundly isolated and lonely childhood.

Wide Sargasso Sea study guide contains a biography of Jean Rhys, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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For a custom paper on the above topic or any other topic, place.She raised her eyebrows and the corners of her mouth turned down in a questioning mocking way.Antoinette does have the power of sight, Rochester notes her eyes.

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Trace the motif of fire throughout Wide Sargasso Sea, examining its role at three or more different points in the text.However, while Jane is able to define herself by rejecting the labels others place on her and form a very sturdy and distinguished identity, Antoinette is baffled by having a body, a life, a spirit.Her spirituality is very personal and romantic, as opposed to the Evangelical devotion of Brocklehurst or St. John. Jane believes more in finding herself than in serving others or God, as St.

In her dream and in real life Antoinette is fearful of men and sexuality, with good reason.Antoinette foolishly slaps Amelie her servant, when Amelie makes what she perceives to be an inappropriate comment.The characteristically modern anxieties present in Wide Sargasso Sea results in a female protagonist who, although existing in roughly the same time period as Jane and experiencing much of the same challenges, represents a much more modern conception of a woman.

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For Antoinette, whether she believes in God or not is simply irrelevant, no amount of faith will change the actual circumstances of her existence.The Struggles of the Heroines in Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre.

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