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A definite and timely action at the moment is very important.

Can be a bit intimidating for any reason above board honest proverbs: 312.337. All these sample essays and value that is facing the.Short essay on a stitch in time saves nine hipaa history essay.A definite and timely action at that moment is very important.

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If he does not check the hoofs of his horse at the time of starting, it is very probable, the horse may falter, and thus the man may lose the race.It passes on from one hand to another like a current coin. It means.

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The doctor asked them why they had waited so long before bringing the sick people to the.Projektbericht beispiel essay forskellighed essay writing essay bitesize.

But on the contrary, if we avoid stitching at that time, then, after a few days, the whole dress may become a jumble of threads, you may not be able to repair it at all.So we say, a stitch in time saves us from having to take nine stitches later on.The next day, the man also began to cough seriously and was rushed to the hospital.Over time other uses such as translations and derivative works were made subject to copyright and copyright now covers a wide range of works, including maps, performances, paintings, photographs, sound recordings, motion.

The parents called him and told him to take his family to hospital but he told them that it was nothing serious but a common cough.

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History is replete with examples validating the above saying.

It contains an invaluable piece of sane advice which we constantly hear from our teachers in.Stitch in Time Saves Nine.: GRAMMAR INDEX Stitch in Time Saves Nine.It effectively warns us against neglect, small faults, imperfections which may develop into big trouble.It is early in life that many bad habit is acquired and if the evil habit is not checked then and there, it grows and gives rise to many other evil habits.

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For example, fixing a tile on the roof can stop the wind and water from getting in and causing a lot of damage to ceilings and so on.This proverb in its literal sense applies to holes in our clothes which may be easily mended at first, but, if they are left unmanned, grow bigger and bigger, until they cannot be repaired without a great deal of sewing.It is a proverb that means that a timely and cautious effort to complete any task will prevent more work.

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After the leap is taken, even ten looks may not be sufficient.